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One of a kind

 Every Artwork created by KOPP , using only a knife,  are one of a kind creation......


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KOPP works quickly and will not leave the studio until the piece is completed  which leaves the artwork with a loose, fluid feel of heavy applied paint...



Mark's creations are driven by feelings and emotions which keeps his work ever-changing and constantly evolving .

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About Mark Kopp



My Studio is located on the West Coast of Canada, near Vancouver. 

   I started out as all artists do, excelling in art as a young adult, working with charcoal, water colors, acrylics and many other mediums. It wasn’t until I discovered Oils that I really felt a connection to art. Everything about oils excited me, the smells, the way it moved on the canvas, drying times. 

Early in my career I was working with a commercial art company and on to run my own in my early twenties. As the years went by, discovering my style , evolving as an artist, entering and winning local contests, I realized I was meant to be a full time artist . 

Eventually I opened “Kopp Gallery” featuring more than 36 artist work, including my own. Artists were given the option for a solo opening show. The Kopp Gallery was a success, but over time I realized it was taking too much of my studio time and pulling me from what I really was, an artist. 

I went on to do a series of solo shows in various venues, Station House Gallery ect.. Many of the Shows had a deep personal meaning to myself and others. “Surviving” was a show that featured cancer survivors of all ages. “Faces without a Home” showcased homeless people in our community and many left in tears. “For the Love of Jazz” featured jazz themed pieces and the show was accompanied with a 3 piece jazz group. The evolution of my work over the years was showcased in a show I called “Diversity” In 2019 I attended Expo New York 2019  and  Art Vancouver 2019.  New York was a great success and my pieces received a lot of attention, including the organizers moving one of my pieces to front of show, behind registration.  I have since signed with two galleries.  

I spent many of the last 6 years, doing larger scale consignment work. Going into homes and workplaces. Taking in the style color palette of the client. They would give me an idea of what they like and I would produce a piece that was suited for their environment. This would give me the freedom to still be creative and not force the work. 

Most recently I have been reaching for my palette knives instead of the brushes. The feeling I had when I first used oil paints has returned with the knife. My art has once again been re-born and evolved. 

I work very quickly usually completing a large scale piece in one studio session. My work is best described as “Figurative abstract” which consist of heavy application of oils on canvas. This ability to produce large scale pieces quickly leaves the piece with a passionate impression.   

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Contact the Artist

KOPP Studio

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